October - December 2014

Vol. 5 - 4



Its All About Bonding

(Annil Dhingra, Amteshwar Singh)



To satisfy the growing esthetic demands of today’s dental patients, improvements in materials and procedures have been made to make it possible to reproduce the natural appearance of natural teeth with direct and indirect esthetic restorations. Esthetic techniques involve a bonding step to ensure durability and reliability. Thus, the ideal bonding system should be biocompatible, bond indifferently to enamel and dentin, have sufficient strength to resist failure as a result of masticatory forces, have mechanical properties close to those of tooth structures, be resistant to degradation in the oral environment and easy to use for the clinician. The mechanical properties of the bonding mechanism achieved with hybrid layer and resin tag formation can be greater than the forces of polymerization contraction. Apparently, the future has a sound background in the past.

Key words:Esthetic, Composites, Biocompatible.