October - December 2014

Vol. 5 - 4



Natural Tooth as a Functional Space Maintainer

(Deepankar Bhattacharya, Sathyajith N Naik, Swati Tripathi, Vatsala V Gokhale, Pallavi Vashisth)



Childhood has been recognized as high-risk period for dental injuries and intrusion is one of the most common types of trauma to primary dentition. These injuries require the dentist to carefully examine not only the damaged tooth but possible sequelae to the permanent tooth germ and the overall health of the child. The present case report describes the treatment of a 3 years old child with completely intruded central incisor which was extracted to prevent damage to permanent tooth germ. A fixed space maintainer was constructed using the extracted tooth to restore the esthetics and function. This appliance is simple and easy to fabricate leading to a successful treatment results for both the child and the parents.

Key words:Intrusive injuries, Functional space maintainer, Biological restoration