October - December 2014

Vol. 5 - 4



Comparison of Precision of Three Manual Periodontal Probes on Periodontal Measurements

(Garima Singh, Hirak S Bhattacharya, 3Sidharth Shankar, Kausar Parwez Khan, Smriti Saxen



The periodontal probe is an important tool in the diagnosis of presence and severity of periodontal disease, and in the assessment of periodontal treatment. The present study was done with aim to compare the relative accuracy and precision of three different manual periodontal probes: (a) William’s periodontal probe, (b) University of North Carolina (UNC)-15 probe and (c) community periodontal index of treatment needs (CPITNs) probe. Periodontal measurements were taken on 10 patients on
three index teeth per quadrant on six sites. Results comparing measurements between William’s and UNC-15 probe were statistically insignificant. While comparing, measurements of William’s and UNC-15 with CPITIN were statistically significant, indicating more bias and variation with CPITN.

Key words:Periodontal probe, Angulation, Probing pocket depth, Clinical attachment level.