October - December 2014

Vol. 5 - 4



Dentascan: A Revolutionary Aid enriching Oral and Maxillofacial Imaging

(Ashish Aggarwal, 2Nupur Agarwal, Nitin Upadhyay, Mobeen Khan)



The beginning of three-dimensional (3D) imaging has revolutionized the imaging trends in the maxillofacial region. Dentascan is a computer software program which provides computed tomographic (CT) imaging of the mandible and maxilla in three planes of reference: axial plane, panoramic plane, and oblique sagittal plane. The clarity and identical scale between the various views permits uniformity of measurements and cross-referencing of anatomic structures through all three planes. Unlike previous imaging techniques, the oblique sagittal view permits the evaluation of distinct buccal and lingual cortical bone margins as well as clear visualization of internal structures, such as the incisive and inferior alveolar canals. It has been widely used preoperatively for implant surgery, cyst, tumors, distractions, accuracy of root canal obturation, jaw growth, stages of tooth development, and cases of fractures in either the mandibular or maxillary arch. This review summarizes the capabilities of dentascan as an imaging method for
the maxillofacial pathologies.

Key words:Dentascan, Maxilla and mandible, Inferior alveolar canals.