October - December 2014

Vol. 5 - 4



Ultrasonics in Irrigation

(Anurag Singhal, Mahak Jain, Siddarth Gautam, Anmol Mehrotra)



without simultaneous ultrasonic instrumentation. When canal shaping is not undertaken the term passive ultrasonic irrigation (PUI) can be used to describe the technique. Passive ultrasonic irrigation can be performed with a small file or smooth wire oscillating freely in the root canal to induce powerful acoustic microstreaming. PUI is more efficient in cleaning canals than ultrasonic irrigation with simultaneous ultrasonic instrumentation. PUI can be effective in curved canals and a smooth wire can be as effective as a cutting K-file. The role of cavitation during PUI remains inconclusive. The influence of irrigation frequency and intensity on the streaming pattern as well as the complicated
interaction of acoustic streaming with the adherent biofilm needs to be clarified to reveal the underlying physical mechanisms of PUI.

Key words:Biofilm, Cleaning, Dentin debris, Irrigation, PUI, Root canal.