October - December 2014

Vol. 5 - 4



Lasers in Oral Medicine: An Update

(Sunil R Panat, GV Sowmya, Astha Durgvanshi, Swetarchi)



With the rapid development of technology, new lasers with a wide range of characteristics are now available and being used in various fields of dentistry. Soft tissue lasers are becoming popular among the clinicians due to their potential value in surgical procedures providing surface sterilization, dry surgical field and increased patient acceptance. In the past two decades, much experience and knowledge has been gained regarding this new venture. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the current and possible future clinical applications of lasers in oral medicine, including their use in treatment of oral mucosal lesions, orofacial pain, salivary gland pathologies, TMJ disorders and biopsies.

Key words:Laser, Oral mucosal lesions, TMJ disorders, Biopsies.