October - December 2014

Vol. 5 - 4



The Use of Emdogain in Endodontic Procedures

(Tarun Ahuja, Anuraag Gurtu, Anurag Singhal, Ankita Mehrotra, Sonali Roy)



The interrelationship between pulpal and periodontal disease occur by way of intimate anatomic and vascular connections between pulp and perodontium. Pulpal and periodontal problems are responsible for more than 50% of tooth mortality. A clinician must be able to treat both the pulpal component and also maintain the health of the supporting structures. Emdogain has a significant roles in regeneration by the stimulation of the periodontal ligament (PDL), cementum, bone and vascular components enamel matrix derivative (EMD) proteins are secreted by the Hertwig’s epithelial root sheath (HERS) during the tooth development which play a key role in the development of tooth-supporting tissues. The aim of this review is innumerate various uses of emdogain in various endodontic procedures.

Key words:Emdogain, Endo-perio lesion, Reimplantation, Resorption, Direct pulp capping.